Introducing The New Burner Fireplace

The Burner Fireplace is a high performance heating device that combines a proven thermal principle with a unique and stylish design. Unlike traditional radiation fireplaces, the Burner Fireplace makes use of the convection effect, effectively distributing heat in a much faster and even manner throughout your home, office, workshop, restaurant or any other interior space that you’d like to keep warm.

Originally developed by Canadian lumberjacks and perfected by German Ingenuity, the enclosed heating chamber is built for practicality, quickly and affordably warming rooms and buildings while using readily-available materials (i.e. wood).

Utilizing precision assembly and welding robots, this “Made in Germany” Fireplace is not only unparalleled in design and performance, but also guarantees a high heating capacity with good heat circulation, steady burn and long glow retention, thanks to its unique heat exchange concept.

Our Promise

We are so sure of the quality of our fireplaces that we will replace the unit in its totality if there are any breakages/leaks or malfunctions on your Burner Fireplace. We have full representation in South Africa around Gauteng and the Western Cape and can ship and support it anywhere in South Africa.


We at the Burner Factory bring you three variants of ovens to choose from. We offer 7, 11 and 16KW variants which are more than capable to heat big areas due to the heat exchange function. Your living room, restaurant, man cave or cellar will never be cold and gloomy again!

Made In Germany

All Burner Fireplaces are fully imported from Germany as a whole, and the materials and manufacturing processes used are of the same super-high standard. Only the best will do. We believe in keeping our clients happy and will therefore stay unsurpassed in the value that we offer.

More Luxury

The Burner Fireplace is a ground-breaking example of the highest standard of quality, design and innovation without compromising on aesthetics, practicality and affordability. It’s distinctive and striking design offers a timeless look which will fit with any interior, either modern or classic to offer more luxury and more style.

More Power

The Burner Fireplace has been completely redesigned and now boasts with excellent emission values and super high efficiency, surpassing all expectations. This is primarily due to the first-class combustion chamber that burns hotter and more efficient as well as the unique and logical design concept with its precision-welded tubes functioning as the heat exchangers.


For Those Who Value Good Design

Chamber Design

Due to the advanced chamber design it is com busts virtually all types of fuel.

Thermal Principle

The thermal design principle has been proven for over 40 years with its origins in Canada.

Faultless Manufacturing

Tireless, highly precise team of automated welding robot production line.

No Ash Tray

It has a floor standing oven concept and is designed without an ashtray or gridiron.


Full 8-year warranty on the oven carcass at product registration.

Air Supply Control

Precise air supply control through front ventilator. Shows a crisp clean fire.


Enhancing Experiences Even More ​


Burner Wood Stand #001


Burner Wood Stand #003


Burner Wood Stand #002


Burner Wood Stand #004

Hotplate Closed

This black coated 4mm hotplate combines a pleasant use with the individual look of the stove.

Stainless Steel Hotplate

There are hardly any accessories that are retrofitted as fast as the stainless steel hotplate. Evaporate water to raise the humidity.


Enquiries Always Welcome ​

Contact 010 900 1100 for more information.

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